Financial Love letters from Allawee

Product update

Forgot your Card PIN? No worries.

We're committed to enhancing your financial experience and we're excited to share a feature that puts you in control of your account security—Introducing PIN Change feature.We understand the importance of keeping your financial information secure...

Product update

Introducing Bookkeeper Access 🎉🎉

As part of our latest update, we're excited to share details about the Bookkeeper access, a feature designed to upgrade your expense management. So, what exactly can a bookkeeper do? Admins can now invite users as bookkeepers, allowing them to...


How to close your books faster

Financial statements are important in organisations. They come up very often: when trying to process financing, in discussions with shareholders and potential investors, and even when taking a loan. This is why closing your books at the end of every month is recommended.


How Allawee is making spending trackable for businesses

Unlike a traditional debit card, the corporate card comes with a variety of things such as the spend control that limits companies to a specific spend set by the finance team. For instance, cards issued to drivers could be programmed in a way that it is used only in fuel stations. In addition to this unique feature, Allawee leverages innovation when it comes to offering products and services.



Creating a corporate expense policy is an important step to take as a business owner, especially when you want your business to grow. A corporate expense policy ensures that you and your employees are on the same page regarding finances. Everyone can have the same financial expectations, while also saving time, money, and effort.

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Allawee is not a bank but provides a spend management technology platform.