Card issuing & spend management for Businesses

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You shouldn't be spending time chasing receipts and manually reporting chunk of transactions. Allawee is what smart companies utilize to automate their spending while retaining control, so you can focus on what really matters.

Ensured Data Accuracy

Access all relevant payment information in one place to reduce the risk of error

Reducing Closing Time

Get all receipts in one place. Streamline company expense with a combination of a card and a mobile app

Keep ahead of excess spend

Get all receipts in one place. Stop chasing employees - we send them receipt reminders

Unlimited Company Expense Cards

Forget about chasing receipts.
Get freedom & flexibility by providing your team with Company cards while managing their spend with limits you've set

Easy Seamless Reimbursements

Allawee matches receipts with transactions so you don't have to. Manage expenses by instantly approving reimbursement requests then paying employees directly from your Allawee account

Skip the Manual Reports hassle

Export clean transaction data directly in csv and upload to any accounting software. Save hours on accounting tasks & close book faster

Virtual Dollar cards

Manage Online subscriptions seamlessly make payments online or even issue team members virtual dollar cards while being protected from overcharges and fraud.

Take control of your business spend:

Create budgets & spending limits for your team,
Create approval & receipt upload rules on each transfer wallet. Also create unlimited physical & virtual cards valid for both POS, ATM & online Saas Payments

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One Solution for business expenses!

Manage company spend for day-to-day expenses, software subscriptions, & Ads all in app 😊

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Open an account in less time than it takes to fill out reconcilation and reimbursement forms

Bank accounts are provided by Providus Bank PLC - licensed and regulated by the CBN & money is duly insured by NDIC.
Debit cards are issued by Providus Bank PLC pursuant to license from Verve & Mastercard International.
Credit lines are provided under state Money Lenders License.
Allawee is not a bank but provides a spend management technology platform.